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Round Cut Plantains

Plantain texture
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3 PACK - 500G ea.


Some days there is no getting around it - you just want delicious, mouth-watering, easy to make plantains. When it's one of those days, nothing satisfies your craving better than dodo round cut plantains. dodo's frozen plantains are made with specially selected plantains and are trans-fat and cholesterol-free, and also low in saturated fat. Take lunch, dinner or game time to the next level with dodo round cut plantains.



  • Plantains (100% natural, gluten free, vegan, no preservatives or additives, no artificial ingredients).


Keep FrozenBefore cooking, thaw product at room temperature for approximately 30 to 45 minutes. Slow and controlled thawing may be applied under refrigeration overnight. Once product thaws, do not refreeze.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Great product

Tyler Hebbron
Absolutely Banging!

Can't go wrong here! These bad boys are absolutely delicious! Super easy and convenient. These are my go-to addition to almost any kind of meal at any point of the day 🤙

Godstime Akhidenor
Fantastic Service / Impeccable Delivery

I'm really pleased with the service I received. The delivery was quick, making me all smiley inside! Plus, my order came in exactly what it said on the tin - delicious food that will make for an enjoyable meal tonight.
I can't believe how fast and painlessly I received my dodo bags today--second-to-none customer care at its finest

Tumi Joda
Dodo - Best Frozen Plantains - Medium Ripe Diced

Say goodbye to the frustration of 'timing' your plantains for the perfect ripeness level!! I love that Dodo provides us with variety not only in terms of ripeness level but also with the different cuts. I got the medium ripe diced plantains and the texture was just right! I haven't seen any like this out there, their service was amazing and the delivery super fast! I'll definitely be back for more :)

Leela Krishnan
Genuine Review (Round Cut Plantains)

I ordered my plantain packs (ripe - round cut) on a Friday and it was delivered quite quickly when the weekend came along. The plantain itself was quite sweet, just how i like it! I had the chance to experiment with various cooking methods - grilled, fried, and air fried and they all came out perfect. Lastly, what I enjoyed most about my order was just the pure convenience. All I had to do was rip open the bag and cook. Saved a me a lot of time and energy trying to make plantain from scratch. Will definitely order again!