Our Story


...but we also love convenience

We created dodo with these two loves in mind to give you a perfect mix of freshly frozen slices and your choice of texture, in a convenient format that eliminates food waste.
We understand that eating healthy and reducing food waste is hard! We believe we can play a part to make it easier for you and your family to do both, one dodo at a time. 

How it all started...

Femi founded dodo with the conviction that getting access to healthy and nutritious West African ethnic foods in North America shouldn’t be difficult. Growing up in Lagos Nigeria, Femi was accustomed to eating delicious plantains 3 to 4 times a week, all year round, without having to wait a day for them to get ripe enough for consumption. When he moved to Canada, sadly that was not the case.


He began his career as a Product Manager in the financial district on Bay Street, creating great financial products to help small businesses thrive and grow. Femi always had the desire to create a simple product that could bring great value to people just like him, so when he and his friend came up with the idea he got to work immediately.